Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back to square one then.

Not so long ago, for an all too fleetingly joyful moment, I was graced by the magnanimity of the glorious youtube, only for this to be cruelly snatched away from me in the night as quickly as it came – actually a great deal quicker, I remember it taking a good few months before I could get youtube to work on this blog, and never found out why. Now I sit here forlornly wondering if my love shall ever return.

What is the cause of all this misery? Sodding technology, again, specifically New Blogger. I may be guilty of biting the hand that feeds me here, but Tony Blair has instilled in me a deep suspicion of anything preceded by a New with a capital N. I am also deeply suspicious of institutions that force you to join them – is this not the essence of totalitarianism? A couple of weeks ago I wished to contact that fine body of men from Serbia known as TONA – the only way I was allowed to do this via their myspace page was, predictably, to set up my own myspace account and page, which now that I am mercifully able to communicate with TONA via the positively Luddite medium of e-mail, I may never log into again. So it goes with New Blogger. I never had any choice in the matter of converting to the New, Improved version. The old one was working just fine for me, and I tend to be of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of thought, but it was a matter of either joining or letting the Spleen die.

Unfortunately, now there is something to fix, because New Blogger has broken it. Youtube will no longer allow me to post videos to my own blog, telling me that my New username and password are either invalid or I don’t have permission to access this blog. In addition at least one person has been unable to post comments. I have already wasted a considerable amount of time trying a couple of things to remedy the situation, but so far to no avail, and would be grateful for any suggestions, although of course, you might not be able to send me these in the form of comments on this page. More computer literate readers might be rolling their eyes at what an imbecile I am and thinking that I should get off my arse and learn how to do my own troubleshooting. But my answer to this is that information technology does not interest me in the slightest, never has, moreover learning all these skills would be extremely time consuming and I do have a job and something approximating a life to get on with. I can type, what else do you want, blood?

Hmm, let’s see if my ingratitude for the opportunity to publish these posts free of charge is punished by the swift condemnation of this blog to eternal oblivion. If the omnipotent and unaccountable Lords of the New Blogger are listening in to my whining (a frankly unlikely scenario), GIVE ME BACK MY TOYS!!


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