Thursday, February 22, 2007

Praise the Lord!

Back to familiar themes and a band, in fact THE band, that is constantly in my thoughts these days. It seems my prayers have been answered in part, with that kind-hearted soul The Impostume, having pointed me in the direction of Cop Shoot Cop’s first two albums, now informing me that two shimmering pearls from the exquisite Thin White Rope are available for download at the address below:

Did I mumble something in an earlier post about a religious conversion if such, indeed Godlike, treasures were passed my way? Wriggling on the hook, I shall remain agnostic, if deeply thankful, at least until I get hold of Moonhead. I notice that I also resolved to be kinder and more encouraging in future, an endeavour which lasted for approximately one post before reverting to type with a thuggish mauling of Hrabal’s I Served The King of England. Promises, promises eh.

Incidentally a Czech friend of mine who is also in the minority camp on Hrabal tells me he’d like to translate an adapted version of that post and get it published here in some literary magazine, in which highly improbable case I may be sporting numerous black eyes in the coming months. Since the film’s release my stance on Hrabal (I assure you it is not a mere pose) has already got me into a fair few pub arguments – oh how I’ve suffered for my views, ach who am I kidding, I love a good scrap as you might have gathered.

Doubly incidentally, many years ago I went to the Golden Tiger in Prague, where Hrabal used to be a regular, and got talking to a former waiter there, a man who could boast “I Served Bohumil Hrabal”. He bought me a beer, so pleased was he to meet a foreigner who could speak Czech and knew who Hrabal was. If that article ever gets out he might regret his moment of drunken benevolence to such an ungrateful bastard.

I can only hang my head and quote the post-millennial sage Robbie Williams: “I am scum”. Christ, it’s not even 9 o clock in the morning yet! Repentance is nigh!


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