Sunday, February 04, 2007

Further south….

Following on from the preceding posts I have been skiving off work (not difficult being self-employed and working from home) the last few days to dip a toe or two in the soul-purifying waters of the fellowship of Thin White Rope. Intrigued as to who on earth might take it into their heads to quote the Spleen on a fan site, I was considerably gratified to find not a mere individual but a whole band, namely these wee blighters from Europe’s nether regions known as TONA

Plenty of spunk these geezers, boldly proclaiming that they sound like “Thin White Rope and Motorhead songs played by the Jesus Lizard”, Ministry and Cop Shoot Cop also get name checked… just a few of my favourite ever bands then. A few seconds in and some pretty grainy sounds start coughing up out of my speakers… mm, I think they mean business. Only managed a couple of listens but so far my favourite is the slower “Box”, a neat juxtaposition of a really quite funky bass overlain with a mournful dirge, to my ears slightly reminiscent of Joy Division and Bitch Magnet. For some reason I had trouble downloading that one, but I suppose that’s a good excuse to keep returning to their website to hear it again.

Serbia, never been there, but fond of long train journeys as I am I now feel a little tempted to hop on one down to Novi Sad and catch these fine, industrious young chaps live on their home turf. Better speak to my accountant first, my tax bill’s looming… in the meantime I guess there’s always the net.


Blogger George Almosthole said...

And you will be more then welcomed.
Thank you.

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