Sunday, December 17, 2006

Czech politics, again.

Now that I have the powers of youtube invested in me (none the wiser as to why it didn’t work for me before) I can return to long neglected and unfinished business referred to in past posts. Before I scuttle off back to the UK for Christmas to recharge my general disgust for the world, I shall leave you with a festive, if rather dated gift of two Czech politicians fighting in the run up to the general election last May. The parties involved are the then Minister of Health David Rath (seated at the beginning), and his nemesis and former minister from the then opposition Civic Democratic Party Miroslav Macek. The rumble took place at a conference for dentists, of which Dr. Macek is one, after Rath had made comments in a newspaper interview to the effect that Macek had married his present wife for her money.

Macek (at microphone): Please excuse me before I begin moderating while I resolve a purely personal matter, thank you…


… the Minister Mr Rath was warned in advance, I warned him in the press, it is my purely personal matter… he deserved it.

Macek (away from microphone): Sir, you know very well… (allows Rath to speak into microphone)

Rath: Dr Macek, we are not going to sort this out here. You attacked me from the back like a coward. Why didn’t you face me like a man? ….. You are a coward!



Merry Christmas.


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