Friday, November 17, 2006

Married priests?

The Deutsch Pope continues to rise in my estimation by issuing a resolute NEIN over the issue of whether Catholic priests should be allowed to marry. What kind of nonsense is this anyway? These selfish imbeciles just want to have their cake and eat it. Well tough. It’s an either/or situation. Anything else stinks of foul, corrosive compromise. Look at the contemptuous derision in which the C of E is held amongst non-churchgoers, who make up the vast majority of the population. The dwindling congregations dankly festering in its forlorn pews are made up of either befuddled, well-meaning coffin-dodgers or embarrassingly simple-minded hypocrites who only go there every Sunday because they still think it makes them look respectable. The C of E is hell bent on a suicide mission of being nice, of modernising. It will just not learn from its mistakes, tearing itself apart over women priests, gay priests, women bishops… Some, like the inspiring figure of John Selwyn Gummer, have baulked and run to the august, unyielding Catholic church for cover, where they remain condemned to be rightly regarded as second rate weaklings, papists by default.

I’ve always thought that the Catholic church had a much better grip on human psychology than the modernisers. Whilst the C of E is disdained, even resented for pandering to society’s whims with its servile, liberalising tendencies, the very strength of the Catholic church resides in its stalwart refusal to change with the times. It is revered precisely for its austere, righteous inflexibility, binding communities or even entire nations like Poland or Ireland together through a heady combination of guilt, fear and masochism. We like our religion brutish. It gives us a sense of place, of identity. Anglicans get bogged down in grey areas and trying to understand the other point of view. Catholics on the other hand are people who know about rectitude. Admittedly they are without exception inveterate pissheads, but this just serves to fuel their glorious, chrome-plated bigotry. Catholicism is about terrorising defenceless children into submission from an early age by bombarding them with bloody images of crucifixion, one of the most gruesome deaths imaginable, about raping altar boys, meting out sadistic canings for wicked thoughts and condemning infidels to burn in the eternal fires of hell. A paternal religion. The Catholic God hates poofs, Jews, artists, masturbation, fornication, dancing, all books except the Good Book. The Catholic God hates life. The Catholic God disapproves. And if you don’t like all this intolerance then you should fuck off and convert to Islam.

Err, actually, have I got that bit right?

Ahh, after a brief lull which may have infected the last few posts I’m beginning to feel myself again. And to top it all, that cunt Milton Friedman’s died. It’s been a fucking marvellous week.


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