Friday, February 02, 2007

Peace and love in the house!

Thanks to yet another dissemination courtesy of omniscient web oracle Rob Hughes, I am informed that the Spleen has been quoted elsewhere on the net, and on no less than a Thin White Rope tribute site (at which my all time favourite TWR song “Wet Heart”, plus the floods-of-tears inducing “Fish Song” can be heard). Not for the customary curmudgeonly viciousness that so often spews thoughtlessly forth on these pages, but on the contrary in the most noble of causes, a heartfelt paean to a much loved and greatly missed band who never received the popular acclaim they deserved (though from a selfish fan’s point of view this did have the advantage of heightening the sense of intimacy and exclusivity at their gigs). One is truly humbled! I’ve no idea how the parties involved found this blog, but I’m deeply grateful to them. Although I still feel physically pretty rotten with this flu a warm glow has come over me, accompanied with a resolution to be kinder, gentler, always ready with a word of praise or encouragement. Easy enough where TWR, about whom nothing short of exalting can ever be uttered, are concerned. Might be a bit of a challenge when the next Primal Scream album comes out, but I’ll keep an open mind.

Now if anyone could point me to where I could download TWR’s entire back catalogue (before you cry “thief” I should at least meekly stammer that I own a considerable amount of their recorded output, but this is on vinyl, in a dusty corner of my parents’ house over 1000 miles away) I may start believing in God.

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