Saturday, March 20, 2010

They're at it again!

Whilst I wouldn't wish to suggest for a moment that we should lose sight of the appalling evil of recalcitrant hooligans such as North Korea, Iran, Israel etc., it's becoming increasingly clear to me that we have our very own rogue state right here in the heart of Europe. Having banned the construction of minarets, the Swiss have now taken their xenophobia a stage further by murdering asylum seekers, and this is not even the first case of its kind. Switzerland's image as a civilised, harmless, peace-loving nation has persisted for way too long – they're a bunch of greedy, vicious, isolationist, cheese-bloated cunts! The more I see, the more I find myself siding with Gadaffi. Although he's not been such a great friend to Nigeria recently either, come to think of it. Plus his face seems to be melting. Bewildering business, international relations.