Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From a purely subjective aesthetic point of view I’ve always thought that "Killing in the Name Of" was a load of trite old bollocks, but apart from that, and the rather bathetic and deflatingly post-modern fact that it's a 17 year-old track rather than something a bit more "now" that's been chosen as a weapon of cultural terrorism, I couldn’t agree more with the Impostume on this issue. What on earth has happened to my country while I’ve been away? Has the UK's longest ever recession finally jolted a great, dormant British revolutionary spirit out of its slumber? Having had all optimism crushed out of me by decades of defeat under Thatcher and Blair, having seen the triumph of vacuous consumerist excess and the monstrosity of Tesco bludgeoning its way to controlling half of the entire British economy, having witnessed the grotesque orgy of fatuous, banal shit every time I turn on the TV in the UK, I suddenly find myself in a disturbingly unfamiliar position. Whatever nitpicking misgivings I may have about Rage, I feel the wind has been taken out of my carping sails, an unexpected deficiency of spleen. Can it really be the case that the British people are … gulp … fighting back?

The despair I can take, it’s the hope I can’t stand! Still, it does feel kind of sweet. And it even looks like it’s going to be a White Christmas here in Coventry. Just at the last moment, after a pretty shite 2009, a silver lining has appeared on the cloud. Flabbergasting as it may sound … A Merry Christmas to us all!


Blogger Sinisa said...

Yeah, bravo for the diversion etc, but RATM...?
here's a bit about it:
...and this sums it up nicely: "(the song) is meant to sound like a blast of righteous fury against authority, it actually sounds like a spoilt 14-year-old refusing to tidy up his room"
Oh yeah man spot on. I remember when the stupid song came out back then, I was thinking exactly the same thing... rebellion coming from some stupid EPIC / W Brothers / some-other-shit-like-that signed band...?
Such a terrible band. And later on, you could not get away from them, whole new generation of kids that came later got hooked up on them and you got 'RATM style' guitar players appearing etc, yuck ....
After this I suspect they'll cement their legendary status and we're gonna have to keep hearing about them (and unavoidably sometimes hearing their stuff) until judgement day

3:13 PM  
Blogger ASHDAV said...

Well, as I said right at the start I think RATM are shit, and they can stuff their tacky Che Guevara T shirts up their arses. I never liked the song itself, but in this context it does strike me as pretty amusing - after such Christmas no. 1s as Cliff Richard's "mistletoe and wine" or various wank by the Spice Girls, a song, however crap, that is packed to the rafters with expletives, is a funny, if childish ... "fuck you". It's not the merits of the song I wished to defend (nor could I ever hope to do so), so I think we're partly arguing at cross purposes here. The point was to piss off a number of people, which in this case evidently includes you. OK, it's not a revolution, and no doubt my expectations have been lowered to the point where I am grateful for even such a petty victory as this, but in the face of the general powerlessness we all endure on a daily basis, can you blame me? A section of Britain has stood up, and in its own prankish way, said "we're not having it any more". I can't help but feel that's commendable.

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