Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So it is a clash of civilisations after all. Forget those bleating anti-war pussies who tell you it's all about oil or economic imperialism, forget those gung-ho regime change zealots who tell you it's about liberating the oppressed people of the Middle East regardless of their religious persuasion, it's really much simpler than all that. It's no more than an old fashioned showdown between good and evil, between the righteous, gallant forces of Christianity and the devious, bloodthirsty Mohammedan A-rabs. Get 'em in your sights!

Thank God for Christian arms manufacturers to ensure that our aim is true, and in the best possible taste! We need not fear that our boys will suffer a crisis of identity or doubts concerning the nature of their mission with references to the bible inscribed on the sights of their guns. Unfortunately, now that some communist scum who've infiltrated the US and UK armies have had the impertinence to complain about this, the collapse of the allied forces in the region may be imminent. No doubt these godless traitors will get a sympathetic ear from Obama, who's still widely suspected of being a Muslim anyway.

And elsewhere, will the realisation that he's been supporting a Christian militia for all these years now curb Hitchens's enthusiasm for the military operation, I wonder? It's a fucked up world we live in.