Saturday, November 15, 2008

Die, you fucking cunt

It could have been so easy for this utterly hateful, second-rate scum, despite his ignominious failings as a politician and human being, to end his political career on a high note. Even though he was the Prime Minister who presided over the catastrophic voucher privatisation scheme which resulted in a large proportion of the country’s wealth going into the pockets of sharp-eyed, “Harvard educated” sociopath Viktor Kožený, later taught in some Western European universities as a model of how not to privatise, even though his notorious arrogance and bloody-mindedness split his own party in two, even despite his mendacious anti-communist posturing and cheap, cowardly stereotyping of anyone to the left of Hayek as a Stalinist, all this after years of meek collaboration, later followed by deals with an unrepentant communist party in order to get elected president, despite the appalling contempt he showed for his erudite, gentlemanly predecessor and genuine dissident Václav Havel and despite his repugnant political views, president Václav Klaus nevertheless initially had unfathomably high approval ratings in his role as head of state. And since this is, or should be, essentially an apolitical, representative function, not unlike that of the British monarch, he could have quite easily gone out with dignity like a grand old man, forgiven for his mistakes and respected even by many of his opponents, remembered, however wrongly, as a swashbuckling, epoch-making conviction politician who magnificently stepped up to the helm during those confusing, heady post-revolutionary days.

Too late for all that though, the stupid cunt. Like many other recipients of outrageous political luck, and as always it’s impossible to avoid mentioning his idol Thatcher at this point, Klaus evidently feels compelled to test his good fortune against an overwhelming political death wish. All he had to do was to keep his mouth shut. But for Klaus, no enterprise is more inconceivable than that. Instead he’s used his presidency as a vehicle for his gargantuan ego, to fulminate and nitpick on every imaginable topic. Just recently he’s leapt on his party’s annihilation in the local and senate elections in order to kick his successor Mirek Topolánek while he’s down, as if we couldn’t remember just what a roaring success Klaus was as PM and party leader. Sickening though this is, not only for the very few fans of Topolánek who are left, at least it’s confined to domestic politics. Klaus, though, is no man to content himself with mere parochialism but is rather a crusading universalist, whose lightning bolts of insight demand an international stage. Hence a state visit to Ireland presented a golden opportunity, and certainly not one to be squandered by respecting protocol and decorum, thereby running the risk of him not being the centre of attention. The outcome was what the Irish Examiner called “the most embarrassing state visit in recent memory”, and one which looked suspiciously like an attempt to sabotage the Czech Republic’s forthcoming presidency of the EU. Perhaps it was a case of Klaus projecting his guilt, mindful of the fact that his Frankenstein’s monster Kožený, a wanted criminal in his homeland, is now an Irish citizen. Or maybe I should leave out the clumsy amateur psychology bullshit, the notion that Klaus would ever harbour any feelings of guilt is obvious nonsense.

As usual anyone who disagrees with Klaus is a “hypocrite”, who is inevitably likened to a communist, YAWN. The man is clearly mad, and his mania is accelerating at an alarming rate, to the increasing shame and detriment of the Czech Republic. Ah well, nothing to do with me. If I’m to choose between my country of origin and my country of residence, I feel a great deal happier about being represented by Gordon Brown and the Duke of Edinburgh. That’s how much I hate Klaus.


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