Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OK, I realise this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is after all the festive season, so indulge me. And I'll be back in Coventry in a couple of days so the place is on my mind right now. To be honest it's not the easiest of places to get misty-eyed about, and if I can't do that at Christmas when can I? Not only that but this year also marks the 20th anniversary of Coventry's only ever trophy. And last but not least, there's a pretty classy array of mullets in here, with the great Brian "Killer" Kilcline way out in front, his lifting of the FA Cup surely one of the ultimate historic mullet moments. He might not be quite in the same league as Jaromír Jágr, but for a non-Czech it's pretty damn impressive. Even the brief glimpse of Thatcher couldn't ruin a moment like that. Great day for Coventry, great day for football, great day for the mullet.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous jitka said...

I can see no one is safe when the fashion police and their cameras are out and about! But shouldn't the mulletteers be praised and admired for their unyielding defiance of the dictates of the globalized fashion industry? Aren't they the true knights of counterculture, the coiffure punks?

Having just watched your youtube Coventry triumph, I reckon there is one thing worse than a mullet, and that is a mullet in combination with a mustache. That would surely be too much even in Olomouc.

Anyway, vesele vanoce, krasneho jeziska a uzij si to v Coventry. Ahoj J.

8:07 PM  
Blogger ASHDAV said...

A very good point, eloquently made. I have to agree that for all their rhetoric punks were only ever mere charlatans, pawns of the fashion industry who were always inextricably linked to designers such as Vivienne Westwood. Mullets, and perhaps also Chavs, are the real thing - a genuinely disgusting anti-style statement. And let's face it, you wouldn't pick a fight with Killer Kilcline, would you?

Does all this mean that I'm going to re-evaluate the whole situation and grow a mullet? Well, what do you think?

Merry Christmas - and keep that carp firmly in its place!

12:06 PM  

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