Thursday, November 22, 2007

Is it politically incorrect of me to perpetuate stereotypes of thick football managers who talk only in meaningless clichés? Do I give a shit? Of course I don’t, not after seeing England’s performance against Croatia last night. I’m not usually one to take the easy option of blaming the manager for everything that goes wrong, but then again, this is not a usual case. Obviously, the sweet FA have to take their share of the blame for appointing a man who was nobody in the world’s first choice, and from that moment on it was an almost unmitigated disaster. We were even handed an unbelievable gift in the form of Israel beating Russia. And then another in the form of a thoroughly undeserved penalty. And we still fucked it up! As for Lampard, scoring with what was virtually his first touch of the game has a rather hollow ring to it if it’s from a penalty, in the second half. And who picked him, despite the fact that he’s done nothing for England since way before the last world cup? The same useless, uninspired arsewipe who’s now laughing all the way to the bank. After making an utter pig’s ear of our chances with one of the best squads we’ve had in decades, pissing about with negative, unattractive and simply incompetent football, he’s now apparently due to pick up a cheque for 2 million in compensation. 2 million pounds to piss off and leave us alone. Cocksucker. And what are we, the fans left with? Sweet FA.


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Never mind, at least you'll be able to support your adopted homeland without having to go through any traumatic dilemmas.

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