Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here's a picture of her fanny. And look at those eyes. Christ, what a loathsome, dozy slag.

Paris Hilton.

What an absolute fucking cunt. She gets a measly 45 days in prison after committing an offence which could have resulted in innocent people getting killed and then violating her driving ban, because normal rules obviously don’t apply to her. But should they or shouldn’t they? First she complains that she’s not being treated like an ordinary citizen, and is being singled out for punishment because she’s rich and famous. Boo fucking hoo. But then she argues that she in fact shouldn’t be treated like just any ordinary citizen, but should be afforded privileges, because she enlivens the “mundane” lives of drones like us. And in backing the petition, in which she is referred to as a “role model” – presumably for being born into a fortune, never doing an honest day’s work and behaving like a stupid irresponsible sack of shit who believes it her God-given right to jeopardise people’s lives - she urges her fans “please help and sihn it”. Rules of spelling also apply to you, you pigshit-thick piece of trash. I’m thinking of starting my own petition to up the stakes to capital punishment. And beware, you waste of fucking oxygen, I can spell. If enough people agree, I would take great delight in chopping the bitch’s fucking head off myself. Scum.


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