Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three cheers for Kosovo, not only for its bold, unilateral declaration of independence of a few years ago, but now also for subsequently holding the recent free elections, and of course let’s applaud its people (apart from those sulking Serbian bigots who boycotted the vote) for their choice of democratically elected representatives. In fact let’s get the name of the state right; it is not Kosovo, a Serbian bastardisation which translates as blackbird’s field, but the Republic of Kosova, which in Albanian means... erm, something else. And above all let us responsible Western powers (excluding degenerates like Spain and Slovakia, who only withheld their approval because of their selfish concerns about providing a precedent for the potential secession of their own ethnic minorities) congratulate ourselves on the speed with which we rushed in to recognise the independence of this brave young democracy from fascist bully-boy Boris Tadić’s ultra-nationalist rogue state of Serbia, which, it goes without saying, still stubbornly refuses to accept the new reality. We can feel proud that this once beleaguered region is now a true part of a modern Europe, where citizens of all ethnic backgrounds can feel equal and safe, and we should now feel morally obliged to provide the new republic with fast track access to the EU. We’ve all done a damn good job.


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