Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bryan Adams- Everything I Do

There's a truly repugnant array of shit on display over at the Impostume right now, so nauseating that not even this can trump it, but only equal it in the sense that once something gets this bad, it's inconceivable that anything could be worse. And this song has a particularly personal vomit value for both the Impostume and myself, since it was number 1, and thus played on the radio several times during the working day, in that dark time when the pair of us were reduced to working in a stinking turkey factory, the sole content of our 8 hour day's work consisting of grabbing turkeys off a swiftly moving conveyor belt and stuffing their legs up their bleeding, shitty arses. This is all completely true. Carl, this one's dedicated to you mate. Things could only get better, and (apologies for smugness) they have.


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