Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oh bugger, I haven't said something stupid again have I?

Jolly Good Show!

HRH has been at it again, flying the flag for good old British bigotry. Is this a man or a cartoon? It’s impossible to caricature such a cretinous arsewipe, it would have the similar, lame effect as the banal pointlessness of Austin Powers taking the piss out of James Bond, himself a preposterous stereotype. The Duke of Edinburgh, however, is a real human being. At least in as far as he physically exists, although the life he lives admittedly can’t really be conceived as “real” in any meaningful sense. Those old farts among us old enough to remember still hark back to Phil’s golden age of racist abuse from the legendary “slitty-eyed” mid 80s China period, but still, this is pretty vintage stuff. So “Eastern women just sit around smoking pipes and eating sweets all day”. Well, that’s pretty sweeping. What, when you think about it, constitutes “Eastern”? Could include not only the Arabs (presumably he was thinking of them, since the remark was directed at a belly dancing troupe) but also the Chinese, Japanese, Indonesians, Indians, Persians, Russians… Greeks? No, maybe not them. Ah well, no harm done, according to the good old BBC (thanks for putting ‘insult’ in inverted commas, auntie) the women involved felt honoured to have been vilified by this useless, blue-blooded old shitbag, and judging by their names they weren’t even proper wogs anyway, mere sheep-shagging Welsh.

So that’s all right then!


Anonymous jitka said...

Years ago I was on a train in Slovakia and a Slovak guy sitting next to me said that Hungarian women just sit around all day smoking cigars....maybe he had some blue blood in him.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh, its like that everywhere - people are morons thinkin that other
people women are sittin round smoking
cigarettes...which is exactly what my
wife does. hehe.
Why are ya attackin the good ol Duke,
you commie bastard?! Guy is entitled
to be blue blood "arsewipe"! He probably still uses the word "chinamen" or something...the great days of The Empire shall return!!

9:06 AM  
Blogger ASHDAV said...

Yeah, fuck it. Hungarians, Serbs, you're all Eastern to us. Lazy sods, the lot of you. Wogs start at Calais!

9:45 AM  

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