Monday, September 10, 2007

The quest for authenticity in politics is a frustrating one these days with everyone going all squeaky clean. In Britain Labour are probably the most shining example – after all it’s not that long since there were fully fledged Marxists in the party such as Coventry’s own Dave Nellist (expelled at the beginning of the 90s) and Labour Party conferences ended with a chorus of the Red Flag, complete with Old Labour and trade union veterans in cheap suits, looking more likely candidates for a heart attack than for a seat in parliament, punching the air in stubborn defiance of the new reality. But times have changed, Labour added the New to their name, went slick and right wing. They may not have been the first – the Tories hired Saatchi & Saatchi to give them the makeover back in the 70s – and were certainly not the last. Labour have picked up plenty of flak for their spin and soundbite politics, but only because they’ve been the most successful at a game almost everyone seems to be playing. More recently the Tories have also tried to be nice, meekly backtracking and contritely acknowledging that “there is such a thing as society”, whilst eco-friendly Eton boy Cameron gets his photo taken cycling to the Houses of Parliament. Former IRA army council members are now smartly dressed types in sober business suits, occupying responsible posts in the Northern Ireland assembly and pushing paper in industrious, streamlined ministries. Where’s all the guns? Race traitors the BNP have apparently “cast off the iron leg of anti-Semitism”, and even claim not to be a white supremacist party these days – which will surely be problematic for a large section of their membership and support. Tyndall must be spinning in his grave. My God, hasn’t anyone in British politics got the strength of character to shamelessly flaunt the fact that they’re a complete cunt anymore?

But don’t despair all you Nazis! Fellow race warriors are still out there, you just might have to look further to find them. To Israel in fact. Yes, this small cell of brave (and self-sacrificing, considering their Jewish roots) Israeli citizens have taken the fight against international Jewry right to its very nerve centre. I suspect in those conditions they’re rather outnumbered, and some politicians have already started to talk of possible deportation. After all, the Israelis aren’t shy when it comes to draconian measures against enemies of the Zionist order. Whatever next? They’ll be putting them in cattle trucks and taking them off to camps! So come on all you Holocaust deniers, you poor persecuted saviours of the master race, these people need you. Please, for the sake of our great European culture – move to Israel!


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